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East autoriehte galerii 20 aastat



Irina Lindqvist - like most artist of A-Gallery, she has also graduated from Tallinn Art Academy. In spite of passed time and changed place of residence, details and color solutions together with vital handwriting can still be recognised in Irina´s creation. Her current works have simple composition, but are also more elegant and full of youthful energy. Irina has a god skill to achieve maximum effect with seemingly light effort - this has come in the course of years and remained.

In her works Irina prefers assembly technique, using together very different materials - onyx, plastic, agate, coral, bone, rubber, wool etc. Such bold approach to the material enables her to create colourful and expressive compositions. Thereby she has a good sense of the limit of interaction of materials, all details are in harmony - it is a special talent and skill. Clear, explicit, maximum expressions - these are the right words for characterising Irina´s creation, where also acrylic painting, aquarelle and photography have found their place beside jewellery.

Viktorija Lillemets

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