concentric running

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Believing that nothing exists without a center, mathematical philosophers started with a point and drew a circle around it. This symbol is called the monad and represents the number one. This figure is the most stable, and the mathematical philosophers also called it The First, The Essence, The Foundation, and Unity. Pythagoras believed the monad to be god and the good. The monad is origin of the One. The monad is the seed of a tree for which the numbers are to the monad as what the branches of a tree are to the see of a tree. The monad in relation to other numbers preserves the identity of every other number or anything it encounters. Any number multiplied by one is itself, and any number divided by one is itself.


“The Pytahgoreans believed that nothing exists without a venter around which it revolves. The center is the source and it is beyond understanding, it is unknowable, but like a seed, the center will expand and will fulfill itself as a circle”