The Pedestrian Zone

or bridging the gaps

Pedestrian zones are often associated with significant drops in local air and noise pollution.

The idea of separating pedestrians from wheeled traffic is an old one, dating back at least to the Renaissance. 

The earliest modern implementation of the idea in cities seems to date from about 1800.

What is our relation to pedestrian areas? It might be more intimate than we think at a first instance.

We grow up with eyes fixed to the ground, we memories the unsaturated tones of grey and learn to see the cracks on the road as roadsigns home. 

Reflecting over my roadmap from China, Hong Kong, US, and across Europe, I attempt here to find a place for my memories, for my mind maps.

Everybody has his own realty; in other words, everyone‟s mind maps are different from one another.

ongoing projekt

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