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Through a researched-based approach, my work traces the intersections of history,

material culture, science, and politics through a wide range of mediums including

photography, sculpture, graphic and jewellery.

I spent a lot of time on design and production work as well as different types of metal

as well as silver and gold jewelry, which I like to mix with paper, plastic, and wood

etc. in jewelry and also in larger exhibition objects.

Human behavior is a constantly interesting subject to observe, understand, and

interpret. Reflection on our perception of the environment and interactions between

them and how it changes from one day to another. My photographs involve

observations of daily life and some of my personal stories. I see this work as an

ongoing investigation of various social systems, traditions and dogmas, exploration of

the codes and assumptions we make when examining the world visually.

A series of sculptures from my daily practice are memorising my experiences, events

and recent news using a range of materials and techniques, such as wood, plaster,

metals and found objects.

The individual sculptures can be put together in an infinite number of ways, like a

message. Some of the objects are clear in their messaging, others take on a life story

on their own, while yet others need clarification. Some are autonomous, others find

their best place in relation to other objects. 

Some of the works are painted in black and red, which does not always refer to ‘fire

and destruction’, but still conveys the meaning of blood and darkness so closely

observed now in my home country Ukraine. 

Born in Kharkiv, Ukraine, graduated from Tallinn Art Academy, Estonia, lives and

works in Stockholm.

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